Play Out via PC

Play Out via your own PC

The Music Manager is web based. Sign in on to the webpage – – and you can directly play music. The only thing you need is a PC with an internet connection.

Play out via BOX

Play Out via the TMM box

You have no PC on the location where you would like to play music? No problem! Choose for the TMM box and connect it to your amplifier. That’s all!

With the TMM box you can manage music via a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or iPad. You have access always and everywhere, so also at home, on the way, and even abroad.


Send us an email ( or call us (+31 (0) 20 4200052) and we will contact you to discuss your wishes


To start working with the TMM box click here

Ordering and receiving

After you have placed an order you will receive a welcome package containing TMM box. The TMM box has been pre-programmed. Therefore it will work directly after the installation.


You can connect the box easily yourself. In some cases some adjustments to your router or network might be required. You can ask your network administrator for assistance. Or ask us. Support via phone is free of charge.

Playing music

After the TMM box has been connected to your amplifier and internet connection has been established, the music will be played automatically via the box. If you want to (temporarily) change it and play music via a PC then contact us.